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Heritages and Museums

The National Museum of Mexican Railways is an exhibition space that shows the public a historical review of the Railroad , from its beginnings to the present time. It is located in the Historic Center of Puebla , Mexico .

The Amparo Museum, located in the historic center of Puebla, is one of the most important historical museums in Mexico. The museum is housed in two colonial-era buildings that date from the 17th and 18th centuries, which were popularly known as the Hospitalario. One of the buildings was the Hospital de Nuestra Señora y San Juan de Letrán founded in 1534.

Museum Of Evolution Located in the historical zone of the forts, it covers more than 10,500 m2 of exhibition, distributed in 4 rooms that through diverse elements show the process of 14 billion years that has experienced the earth, from the big bang to the creation of the human being.

The International Museum of the Baroque is a museum of Baroque art designed by Japanese architect Toyoo Ito located in Puebla, Mexico. It opened on February 4, 2016


Cantona Archaeological Ruins is a Mesoamerican archaeological site in Mexico. It is located in the state of Puebla, on the border with Veracruz, about an hour’s drive from the city of Puebla and about an hour and a half from Xalapa, Veracruz. Limited archaeological work has been done at the site, and only about 10{10038c1469751acc6bb86e2e6b760efb26f0c28e1e2fced9fcd2fd7d410f79fa} of the site can be seen.

The Templo Conventual de Santo Domingo de Guzmán is a Roman Catholic church within the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Puebla de los Angeles, with the archangel Michael as its patron saint. Inside is the Capilla del Rosario, an example of New Spanish Baroque, considered in its time to be the “eighth wonder of the world”.

The Temple of the Holy Spirit is a religious temple of Catholic worship under the invocation of the Holy Spirit . It is better known as Temple of The Company because it was founded by Jesuit religious belonging to the Society of Jesus. It is located next to the building known as Carolino in 4 South and Palafox Avenue and Mendoza of the City of Puebla , capital of the State of the same name, in Mexico.

The forts of Loreto and Guadalupe are some old military buildings that are in the city of Puebla . Originally they were chapels built on top of an Acueyametepec hill, which were reconstituted at the beginning of the 19th century as fortifications with military purposes. They served as the main stage in both the battle and the site of Puebla, during the Second French Intervention in Mexico . Declared as Mexico’s historical heritage, they currently house site museums.

Puebla Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the city of Puebla, in Puebla, Mexico. It is a colonial cathedral, and is the see of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Puebla de los Angeles. The cathedral’s bishop is Víctor Sánchez Espinosa.

Ex Convento de Tecali is Located in the central part of the state and taking the interstate highway to Tepeaca. It is an important exconvento that at the moment is in ruins. This architectural ensemble presents the most beautiful covers of the Renaissance style.